Central Coast Termite & Pest Control San Luis Obispo

Whether you need help with termite control, rodent control, insect control or other exterminator services, we are the company to call. There’s no reason you have to live in fear that bugs are invading your home or bed at night. We understand that infestations can be scary, and that is why we provide quick and efficient services. You can rely on us when you need us the most!

Central Coast Termite & Pest Control Santa Maria

If you live in Santa Maria and are having issues with pests or insects in your home, then we welcome you to give our team at Central Coast Termite & Pest Control a call! We’re a company that is 100% dedicated to great customer service, so we will develop a customized plan that helps you get rid of your pest issue quickly and efficiently. What makes us different from other companies? Well, we are experts in our field and will go the extra mile for our customers! The feedback we get from our customers gives us the confidence that we are doing things the right way.